The translation of personal documents may be necessary for both private customers and employees of companies in different situations. During the Ukraine-Russia war, many people left Ukraine, thus escaping from bombing. To interact with the embassies and state authorities of the countries that accept refugees, they need translations (including official ones) of their documents. We often translate personal documents to apply for visas of the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.

The translation of passports, birth or marriage certificates, or even academic credentials may also be needed for the planned relocation of employees to company offices around the world. Please note that for official use abroad, documents usually require an apostille or legalization. A designated team of Task Force helps with legalization or its simplified form — affixing an apostille on birth and marriage certificates. If necessary, we will also arrange for the reissuing of documents according to the new template in case your originals were issued before 1992 (such documents are not apostilled/legalized). For more details, please see “Apostille“, “Legalization of Documents” and “Notarized Translation of Documents “.

For some types of work and services, employers grant access to classified information, which means that they will require background checks of employees, so that they are cleared. In Ukraine, at the request of corporate and private customers, we arrange for the issuance, translation, and certification of non-conviction certificates that serve as sufficient proof that employees are security cleared.

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Translation of educational documents

To continue their studies or employment abroad, both private customers and companies order translation of diplomas and school certificates. The translation is usually preceded by an apostille or legalization of the diploma and school certificate, depending on the country of submission.

Court documents

Legal translation is one of the key specializations of Task Force translation company. That is why we often deal with translations of court decisions and exit permits, which are needed to leave Ukraine with children. We also work with the translation and notarization of powers of attorney, which are required, in particular, for the expediting of cars, etc. abroad.

Medical documents

Translation of personal medical documents is one of the most complex and responsible types of translation, which Task Force translation company has been dealing with for over 10 years. For the most part, the translation of medical certificates and extracts is needed by individuals urgently, and we can help with this. Such documents often contain handwritten parts, so we are analyzing the specifics of medical handwriting while working with them. And we do it effectively and successfully.

During the Ukraine-Russia war, we proudly take an active part in the project of translating personal documents, medical certificates and extracts of Ukrainian children with oncological diseases. These translations are needed to evacuate children from Ukraine to Europe and the United States of America to continue treatment, which became impossible in their own country due to the war.

If you need a translation of personal documents, certification of translation, apostille or legalization of documents before translation, Task Force team will be happy to help you. Please contact us at, and we will advise on your case.

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