Before ordering consular legalization in Kyiv, you should decide what exactly you need – consular legalization or apostille. Apostille is a simplified form of legalization, which was agreed upon by the countries participating in the Hague Convention of 1961. It can be done much faster and cheaper than the consular legalization of documents. If the country is not a signatory to the Convention, be patient and take your time as legalization is a long and expensive process.

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Legalization of documents is a procedure of ensuring that original documents are genuine, attesting the authenticity of signatures of officials authorized to certify the signatures on documents, as well as the validity of impressions of stamps, seals, which this document is attached with. Legalization of foreign documents pursuant to the established procedure provides them with the right to exist in international document circulation.

There are some countries that require double legalization instead of the usual legalization. In this case, you need to understand that the whole procedure can take up to 1-2 months, which means that you must submit documents in advance. The team at the Task Force translation agency will take care of the regular and double legalization in Kyiv for you in the most effective way.

How consular legalization is carried out in Kyiv

First of all, let us say that documents can be legalized only in the country of their issue, therefore, legalization of foreign documents in Ukraine for its intended usage in Ukraine is impossible. It is necessary to return such documents to the country of issue and work with them there.

Translation and legalization of documents in Kyiv are daily tasks of a special team of managers and delivery men at the Task Force translation agency. After all, it is no secret that, in fact, the legalization process is a series of filing and receiving documents in a number of state institutions and in the embassy of the required country. The process is not so much complicated as confusing and time consuming as you wait in queues, waiting for answers and solutions.

First of all, the process of legalizing Ukrainian documents for their usage abroad starts with clarifying at the embassy of the country of interest the form in which the consular department requires the document to be submitted (it is always the original, and only in some cases a notarized copy!) for its further legalization, as well as what accompanying documents are required. For legal entities declaration letters are also requited to be filed in various state institutions that are involved in the legalization process.

Furthermore, the original document or its notarized copy is first stamped by the Ministry of Justice in Kyiv, then sealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyiv. For some types of documents, the seal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine is also required (stamped in Kyiv or regional offices). It is important to get a bilingual document in the first place, otherwise, you will need 2 rounds of legalization i.e. you will have to go through the procedure of double legalization of documents in Kyiv.

Next, the sealed bilingual document is sent to the embassy (either in Kyiv or the cities of Ukraine where the embassies of some countries are additionally represented, for example, in Kharkiv, Odesa and Lviv). When the representatives of Task Force take the legalized document, there is nothing left but to transfer it to the client either personally or by postal delivery service (outside Kyiv and Ukraine).

If the document for legalization was originally issued in one language, then the process looks a little bit different. After affixing of seals at the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the document is translated into the target language, such translation is notarized, and then the seals of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are again affixed to the notary’s signature, and only after that, can you go to the embassy for consular legalization of documents. So, “legalization of translation”, which users sometimes search on Google, is actually part of the legalization process for a monolingual document.

Your choice No. 1 for consular legalization is the Task Force translation agency in Kyiv, which legalizes documents in most embassies, has a dedicated team of 3 managers and 2 delivery men who deal exclusively with legalization and apostille of documents daily. We also offer a nostrification service, i.e., recognition of foreign diplomas in Ukraine so that the holder of the diploma has the right to continue his or her studies or work in Ukraine.

It is very easy to order consular legalization or nostrification of documents on education: just reach us at Our employees will be delighted to advise you directly on your documents and the procedures applicable to them.

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