Task Force translation with its history of 10+ years is more than just a language services provider. We are a provider that proudly originates from Ukraine. Despite the war in our beloved country, our team is located in safer regions of Ukraine and working. The best what we can do to support our country and our team, pay taxes and wages for our people to live – is to do what we love and can perform well. That is provide translation services in 100+ language pairs, interpretation and additional services including DTP, OCR, subtitles, and voice over and, of course, notarial and legalization services, etc. Besides translating for business, we translate a lot for individuals. At the moment, while the war is still ongoing, we are proudly handling numerous translations of documents of Ukrainian children being evacuated for treatment to Western Europe and the USA; and are translating the personal documents of people leaving Ukraine temporarily for other countries and helping refugees where we can.

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Task Force was founded in 2011 by professional translators eager to provide high-quality and timely translation services to businesses. Over the years, our company has grown into a full-fledged organization with an in-house staff of 30+ and a wider team of more than 800 linguists around the globe. In 2016, we implemented a project with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and received advice on a systemic business approach and corporate governance. That was our starting point on the path to becoming a systemic business guided by the principles of strategic planning. In 2020, according to the industry rating, we were recognized as the third largest translation company in Ukraine by revenue. In 2022, we entered the Slator International Index of LSPs as a boutique, together with 300 of the largest and most successful LSPs around the globe.

Our industries

For more than 10 years, we have been serving lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and international technical assistance projects. We have also been working a lot for the IT & cybersecurity sector, mining, heavy machinery and automotive sectors, agriculture, fast-moving consumer goods, tobacco, and even gambling companies. A variety of clients and their industries led us to a clear understanding of our specialization in translation and interpretation as follows:

  • Legal, finance, and tax
  • Pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare
  • IT & cybersecurity
  • Heavy machinery, engineering, and mining
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture and consumer products, and
  • Tobacco
Our languages

The core of our business is translation. Our native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, and all our Ukrainian and Russian linguists are native speakers of both languages. For more than another 100+ language pairs, we make sure that we work closely with native speakers around the world. Our customer support speaks English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Please contact us by email at order@taskforce.ua

Our services

Our key service offering includes translation and interpretation (consecutive, simultaneous, and chuchotage). A separate department within Task Force arranges notarial services and legalization of documents for both businesses and individuals. The side services offered by the Task Force team help us be even more efficient. We provide optical character recognition (OCR) for non-formattable documents and desktop publishing (DTP) mainly for catalogs, drawings (including AutoCAD), and marketing materials. We also handle a lot of video and audio files, providing captions and subtitles, and do voiceover work (including artificial voices).

Talk to us at Task Force and we will find the best solution for your translation needs. Please contact us by email at order@taskforce.ua or by phone at +380 98 400 81 06.


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