A technical translator is not a luxury, but a must for any company that manufactures and supplies its equipment abroad or purchases and operates foreign equipment. The metals and mining industry also require that the translator possesses specialist knowledge of processes and used machinery, mining equipment, etc. International engineering companies and design firms involved in building and installing equipment in residential and infrastructural facilities also require the translation of technical documents on an on-going basis. Patents deserve special attention. Their texts contain many legal and technical terms. This is where Task Force translation company comes to rescue.

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The Task Force team includes translators of technical texts, and their work is also verified by specialized editors and proofreaders. Task Force has been on the market since 2011. During this time, we have accumulated expertise in the fields of construction and engineering, metallurgy and mining, power engineering and the oil and gas industry.

It should be noted that technical translation is quite a broad concept that has gathered different fields under its “umbrella”. Therefore, a quality translation and the same understanding of terms is not only the job of translators, both technical and others, but also of other Task Force employees. Thus, terminologists are the key to successful technical translation — the people who analyze terminology in document and compile the glossary, which is then approved by the customer. After all, even in this seemingly uncreative form of translation, there is room for synonyms and various preferences of customers.

Technical translations are often accompanied with graphs or drawings provided in special software like AutoCAD or, in a worse case, in a scanned form. A text for translation may sometimes consist of just a few words on a drawing. However, the role of drawings in technical translation can’t be overestimated. In most cases, they are crucial! Task Force has a team of 24/7 layout designers to work with drawings, AutoCAD and other software, as well as poor quality copies of scans. They prepare documents for translation and put the finished translations back into the layout. This is quite labor-intensive, a completely manual process that requires time and concentration.

There is no doubt that patents deserve special mention. Task Force’s technical translators have successfully finished specialist training and know everything about the translation of patents. We translate the legal part of such texts in accordance with international guidelines, and the specific content is translated according to the requirements of the field in which the patent for an invention is registered. Inventions in the field of mechanics continue to retain leading positions around the world, so technical translation will be in demand.

The search requests “cost of translating technical texts” and “technical translation cost” are popular. The cost largely depends on the urgency of the translation of a technical document, as well as its specifics and the chosen translation scenario. There are many translation scenarios. According to the international translation standard ISO 17100, within which the Task Force translation company is certified, the translation must be done by a translator and verified by an editor and a proofreader. In Ukraine, upon agreement with the customer, the company may reduce the number of quality control stages to minimize the cost and speed up the process.

In the space of more than 10 years of professional activity in the field of technical translation, we have been working on the following types of documents:

  • instructions;
  • specifications;
  • bidding documents;
  • (equipment) supply and installation contracts;
  • normative documents and technical standards in different fields;
  • presentations with a significant technical component;
  • AutoCAD drawings;
  • catalogs;

The Task Force team will be happy to help your company with technical translation (as well as translation of technical documentation) of varying complexity and urgency. Contact us, our manager will advise on the most appropriate translation scenario and offer convenient options on cooperation for companies regarding technical translation in Kyiv.

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