Oncologists for the Tabletochki Charity Foundation, neonatologists for the Early Birds Association of Parents of Prematurely Born Babies, and many other narrow specialists – over the past 10 years we have put together a team with great but often narrow expertise.

We at Task Force are proud to work with one of the most responsible topics in our field and provide medical translations not only to 20+ pharmaceutical companies but also for the World Health Organization and a number of clients in this area, such as the Tabletochki Charity Foundation, Krona CF, Early Birds Association of Parents of Prematurely Born Babies and many others. All these organizations need high-quality and, very often, highly specialized medical translations.

Cardiology, oncology, parenteral nutrition, orphan diseases, virology – medical texts cannot be translated without deep immersion in respective topics. That is why our team has professional medical translators and medical editors, both practicing doctors and experts holding PhDs who have radically changed their field of activity. The quality of medical translation at Task Force is based on their expertise: from national standards for pediatric oncology treatment to COVID-19 treatment protocols. Quality control is extremely important when translating medical documents. This is exactly the case when two heads are better than one. For such translations on which the lives and health of people often depend, we strongly recommend that our clients choose the full quality control package in accordance with the international translation standard ISO 17100.

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A qualified medical translator, even in Kyiv, is quite a rare expert. The thing is that in general translators rarely get a medical education as there is no such extramural training, and one can study a new field for 7 years only out of great love. For the same reason, doctors, after 7 years of study, do not go too deeply into working with languages as it is not a priority in their profession. When we at Task Force’s medical translation bureau in Kyiv start looking for medical editors, we immediately understand that a physician with excellent knowledge of a foreign language will be worth his or her weight in gold.

Medical documents that may require translation include not only various certificates and extracts from medical records, doctors’ opinions, outpatient cards, but also medical articles, instructions for drugs, some legislative acts related to the field of medicine, as well as treatment protocols.

Therefore, medical translation in Kyiv is regularly required by individuals and businesses (legal entities), both Ukrainian and foreign, some medical institutions, organizations working in healthcare.

Quality medical translation tools

The translation of medical texts requires, in most cases, manual translation and editing, as well as proofreading and review by a narrow medical specialist. Compilation of a glossary of key terms from the document is the main tool for quality assurance. Usage of machine translation (even with post-editing) can distort the meaning of a document on which the lives and health of people potentially depend, and may lead to irreversible consequences.

Cost of medical translation

The cost of medical translation in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine can vary. However, when choosing a professional medical translator or a company, make sure that the translation will be proofread by a professional medical editor, preferably with a medical degree or at least checked by a proofreader. It is necessary to compare the cost for products with the same content. The overly low cost of work should be a warning sign. Be sure to check whether the editor who will work with your document has a medical education, whether it is a manual translation or machine translation, and also ask for experience in translation in your medical subfield.

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