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Communications and PR departments are the most demanding clients. It is believed that 80% of all translation complaints in the world are related to marketing and PR. And all because translation for such customers is considered the most subjective type of business translation. It is during the marketing translation (localization) of product brochures, websites, presentations, etc. that most discussions arise about replacing a particular word or phrase with a synonym. Only the translation of fiction books can be more difficult and subjective. We at Task Force provide services to businesses. And although we hardly ever come across fiction books in translation practices, we constantly deal with PR and marketing departments and know how to make a translation of a website or promo that is readable rather than literal. We also know how to work with localization from a technical perspective.

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Who is marketing translation and marketing proofreading for

Let’s get it straight: we call marketing translation the translation services ordered by communication and PR departments. However, to be absolutely precise, the translation regarding marketing in its classical sense is translation of research, reports, numbers, which is rather economic translation.

People who search for “marketing translation” and “marketing proofreading” in search engines are often PR and communications staff. Indeed, any foreign business or organization working for a Ukrainian audience requires some kind of creative adaptation of texts written by foreign colleagues to fit the requirements and mentality of the local audience. Someone calls it localization, someone calls it adaptation, but the essence is the same. And for the owners and employees of Ukrainian businesses it is important to have high-quality translation of advertising and promotional materials or a website for a foreign audience, especially if such a business is aimed at export.

Let’s be honest, making a translation readable and not word-for-word is not a trivial task. In marketing translations one may come across concepts that are not present in the culture of the target audience, untranslatable puns, references to unfamiliar films and TV shows, strange humor, and much more. In some cases, you cannot understand the text until you talk about it with the client. In extreme cases, you will come across some beautiful two-word slogan, which can take a whole day to translate.

Thus, translation of simpler texts is often followed by marketing proofreading (when the editor has experience of communications and understands how to adapt (localize) some foreign concepts in literal translation, as well as arrange words in such an order so that they became a “wonderful symphony”).

For those texts that are full of concepts unknown to the local audience, translation by a marketing expert and proofreading by a marketing expert is not enough, as that’s when we need active cooperation with the client – when the client answers questions, explains the concepts existing only in his or her company, then marketing translation has every chance of success.

Translation verging upon copywriting

Recently, businesses have been asking for deeper work with text. This is a translation that verges upon copywriting, which is called transcreation. There are several companies in Kyiv, besides Task Force, who provide such services, including PR agencies. Transcreation services assume that the performer studies the mission, vision of the company, its style of communication with consumers and partners (tone of voice) and only then translates the text, and when translating, he or she makes considerable changes and adapts the text (rewrites it) for the target audience. It’s deep localization. The Task Force team is always pleased to help with both marketing translation and proofreading as well as the transcreation of texts for almost any industry.

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