When one co-founder had worked in the legal business for 10 years, and the other would be an asset for the law school, this also affects their joint business brainchild. A meticulous approach, attention to detail (to quotation marks, dashes, commas, and terminology in general), “paranoia” about the quality of translation, confidentiality agreements, service level agreements, and other small legal mercies have long become the norm for Task Force.

Perhaps, that is why the Task Force team has been providing services to half of the rating of the top 50 law firms in Ukraine and a number of foreign lawyers for 10 years now. The company has earned the respect and loyalty of the legal departments of companies and institutions. And 8 years of partnership with the Yurydychna Praktyka Publishing House (Ukraine) is worth a great deal and helps us keep up to date with the most current changes in the legal field and develop together with our clients. The team is our key success factor. At Task Force, you will not find a multitasker student manager who accepts orders, looks for translators, and does translations in his or her spare time. Our managers communicate with customers, the production department fulfills an order, doing not just translation but reviewing, legal revision, and proofreading. It often also requires a multi-column layout, and notary services, as well as apostille and legalization. This can only be achieved by a multilingual team – legal translators and reviewers with a legal background, in 100+ language pairs.

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Legal translation is a responsible task! Mistakes in legal translation of documents can cost a lot. One accidental movement of the mouse and the amount of the agreement can increase (or decrease) ten-fold or more. Poor formatting can hide important parts of text in a two-column document. An incorrect translation can not only distort the meaning, but change the essence of the document’s provision to the opposite. So, a poor-quality translation is a dangerous thing. That is why legal translation requires special a meticulous and thorough approach.

Peculiarities of legal translation

High-quality legal translation on Kyiv can be found, because here we have several of the largest law faculties in Ukraine, and there is even a law faculty at the National Linguistic University. It is important that people who work in legal translation are able to understand the essence of the topic. It is preferable that the translator and editor also had a legal education. This will enable you to avoid incidents when translating some pieces back, for example, a translator may not find the original source and does not copy the correct text but invents his or her own translation of the Ukrainian Civil Code.

It is absolutely critical for the performers working with legal translations to know how to use the original sources and know how to find them. So search skills are important not only for lawyers, but also for legal translators and editors.

That is why translation of legal documents requires attention to detail: for lawyers, not only are quotation marks (Russian or English) important, but also apostrophes (they are also different!), and lawyers do not like to confuse a dash with a hyphen. Such things cannot be included in the glossary; constant training is required for translators and editors so that they pay attention to these essential details.

Very often translation of legal documents requires glossaries with key terms. Big translation companies like Task Force have terminologists. They are translators who are especially attentive and in love with vocabulary science.


The composition of the team is very important for high-quality translation of legal documents. On simple documents, such as standard powers of attorney, certificates, and extracts from registers, ordinary contracts drawn up under Ukrainian law can be translated by translators without any special legal education. But for the translation of judgments, complex contracts drawn up under foreign law, you will need a qualified English legal translator. Or an expert legal translator working in any other language pair.

Cost of legal translation

The price of legal translation depends on the number of manual quality checks. For example, the standard set of services, which is usually offered for legal translation in Kyiv includes only translation by a legal translator and proofreading by an editor. Depending on the complexity of the document, translation can be performed by both young specialists (for a standard legal translation of documents), and qualified English legal translators or legal translators in other language pairs. Ideally (according to the international translation standard ISO 17100) in legal translation shall involve a translator, editor, proofreader, legal specialist.

Tools for quality legal translation

The managers at Task Force will always ask the client about the purpose of the translation, because output result depends on this. For quick and formal submission of documents, a standard translation with proofreading by an editor is sufficient, that’s where the production department uses partly artificial intelligence and partly manual work. For consideration in a foreign court, the translation should most likely be performed not only with editing but also with proofreading, as well as with expert review and proofreading by a native speaker – after all, it will be studied closely. The tools for quality legal translation include a glossary with the key terms as well as a constantly growing and structured translation memory.

The managers at the Task Force translation company will help you choose the type of legal translation you need to get the required quality without overspending. We are sure that it will be an important criterion for those requiring translation for legal entities.

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