Simultaneous interpretation is undergoing certain changes. In addition to the standard offline form of simultaneous, online interpreting and hybrid forms, with offline interpretation and online broadcasting provided at the same time, are becoming increasingly popular.

Whispering interpreting (or chuchotage) is another type of simultaneous interpretation when an interpreter “whispers” the translation into the ear of a foreigner. Not everyone knows and asks about it, which, however, does not make chuchotage any less popular. The participation of a foreigner in local events, where everyone except him or her speaks the same language, is not a problem but an opportunity to use whispering interpreting. This type of interpretation takes place exclusively offline, even in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, and does not require any technical equipment, as it is provided for one person.

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Sometimes one can come across the term “conference interpreting” when searching for performers in Kyiv or other cities, which means a generalized concept of services related to interpretation. It is due to the fact that a client does not always have an understanding of which particular type of interpretation is suitable for his or her event. Therefore, attention to detail on the part of a translation company is extremely important.

Interpretation requires not only special training of interpreters, deep understanding of the topic, special equipment, but also highly-qualified project managers coordinating all stages of the service. That is why the Task Force team is equipped with everything necessary.

Features of  simultaneous interpretation

A simultaneous interpreter uses special equipment both online and offline so that the interpretation can be heard simultaneously with the speaker.

Interpreters train their memory in a special way in order to interpret the speech of the speaker in a high-quality way. Constant improvisation increases the changeability of the nervous system and its exhaustibility, so simultaneous interpreters work in pairs and change every 20 minutes. Consecutive interpreters can work without a partner, but they also need time to catch their breath. In addition to specific training, interpreters need to immerse themselves deeply in the topic as improvisation (and interpreting is nothing else but improvisation) without immersion will simply not be possible at a qualitative level.

Here are some important points that we ask clients to consider when ordering interpretation:

– the difference in the cost of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation is significant, sometimes it is double. It is important to know exactly what kind of interpretation is required. Or we at Task Force will be delighted to advise you on the most appropriate type of interpretation if there are any doubts. Also, please note that the subject matter and, accordingly, the specialization of the interpreter has an effect on the formation of the price of simultaneous interpretation.

– the interpretation may not be performed at the level you expect without any preparatory materials provided in advance.

– there is a minimum order for interpreting. At Task Force it is 2 hours online and 4 hours offline, even if the event only lasts 30 minutes. This is because interpreters meticulously prepare for events, and this preparation sometimes takes much more time than the interpretation itself.

– If the speaker at your event usually speaks quickly, please remind him or her several times in advance about the interpreting, and that maintaining an appropriate pace is essential for quality simultaneous interpreting. Otherwise, part of the meaning will be lost.

– Task Force provides a backup for online events (replacement of an interpreter in case of a technical failure) and also makes an initial check of the sound and the correct operation of the online interpretation at the start of the event.

– At the offline events with simultaneous interpretation, our team of technicians is always present, who not only connect and start the interpretation, but also can control the offline-online connection (for hybrid events), and also ensure the broadcast to the desired channel for the client.

Equipment for offline simultaneous interpretation

For offline simultaneous interpretation, we rent the high-quality equipment of well-known brands (most often American Williams Sound equipment) so that your event will be held at a high level in terms of technical equipment.

The cost of a set of equipment always includes the visit and support of a technical specialist who is always present on site and monitors the correct operation of the headphones and also helps with the distribution and collection of headphones from guests at the event. If there are more than 50 guests at the event and you ordered more than 50 headphones, we suggest using the services of a hostess. These are the specialists of our team who will help distribute and collect headphones from a large number of guests. At large-scale events, we organize several points for the issuance/collection of headphones (as it was at the 10th anniversary iForum, which we served).

The seat of equipment includes:

  • a central control unit for simultaneous interpretation;
  • microphones depending on the number of guests;
  • 1 wireless microphone (for questions from the audience);
  • 3 table-top microphones;
  • Floor booth with sound insulation.

Additionally, you can order:

  • the required quantity of additional microphones;
  • a screen;
  • a projector;
  • portable equipment for excursions;
  • a floor booth with sound insulation.

We at Task Force will be delighted to advise you on any technical issues and help you to choose the most suitable type of interpretation to hold the event at the proper level.

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