The consecutive interpretation algorithm can be described in three words: “listen”, “translate”, “speak”. The speaker makes pauses during his or her speech that are filled with interpretation. Fragments of the text can be short or long, depending on the logical flow and presentation of information to the audience. Therefore, in planning the duration of the event, event planners should take into account the time required for consecutive interpretation.

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Interpretation is necessary at high-level meetings, negotiations, conferences (internal and external) that involve foreigners. And if earlier the offline format was the most common option, then during the pandemic, a significant part of events was reformatted to an online or hybrid format – offline provision and online reproduction at the same time.

In the case of consecutive interpreting, no equipment is required at offline events, but for online events, you will definitely need a high-quality headset and a stable Internet connection.

Specialization of a consecutive interpreter

Task Force has over 10 years of practical experience in providing consecutive interpretation in various formats of events:

  • business meetings and negotiations;
  • presentations of goods and services, exhibitions;
  • press conferences, round tables, interviews;
  • scientific conferences, lectures, seminars;
  • installation and commissioning works at enterprises;
  • investigative actions involving the citizens of other countries and many others.

We know for sure that excellent knowledge of a foreign language is not enough to provide a high-level service. Translation in economic, legal, pharmaceutical, medical, technical, and many other highly specialized topics requires specialist education, knowledge of terminology, and work experience. Our team includes translators with extensive experience in various industries and scales of events. And depending on the specifics, the price of consecutive interpretation may vary. But even the most experienced interpreter can under-deliver without careful preparation for providing consecutive interpreting. Therefore, we always ask clients to provide materials (whether that be presentations of speeches, brochures about the company, specifications of the equipment that will be discussed at the meeting, etc.) for preparation in advance, so that the interpreter can familiarize himself or herself, work out the terminology, and ask questions.

A short check-list for ordering consecutive interpretation

– Make sure to choose the most appropriate interpreting format for your event: consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting;

– discuss with the manager of the translation company the need to use hybrid interpretation: offline and online at the same time.

– specify the time of the interpreter’s work and the number of specialists required depending on the topics and duration of the event, as well as language pairs (you may need several interpreters);

– agree on a budget based on the specialization of the interpretation, duration of the event and location. It is important to note that the price of the minimum order for consecutive interpretation is calculated starting from 4 hours offline and 2 hours online in accordance with the standards of the Ukrainian translation market. But if we are talking, for example, about short negotiations, make sure to check the possible options for providing the service with the manager. We at Task Force often deal with unusual requests and will make every effort to solve your problem.

– discuss with event planners the need to provide a list of materials in advance for the preparation of a consecutive interpreter for the event.

– explain that the speakers need to make pauses during their speeches;)

We at Task Force pay attention to every detail and we will be happy to arrange high-quality interpretation online or offline.

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