When visiting a new country you always want to see the most interesting places and sights. Ukraine is proud of its history. There are many landmarks of great architecture and masterpieces of art that have been preserved here. It is not easy to go sightseeing in a new city without knowing the local language. A guide interpreter will solve this problem for you.

A guide interpreter is a specialist, who speaks your language perfectly and knows the city’s history. He/she can suggest the best route, inspire you by interesting stories about different sights and attractions and ensure you get unforgettable impressions from a tour.

What are the main differences between a guide interpreter and an interpreter? A guide interpreter:

  • can ably take part in a conversation;
  • has sufficient knowledge about each exposition and architectural sight;
  • can tell about historical facts in a fascinating way;
  • chooses the best tour taking into account your wishes.

Another feature is payment for such a service. As a rule, an interpreter is paid on a daily basis and can be booked for at least several hours. A guide interpreter (service cost) is paid mostly per hour. 

A guide interpreter should have following skills and qualities:

  • punctuality;
  • well organised;
  • be charismatic;
  • clear pronunciation;
  • has a sense of style and is tactful;
  • kindness.

During a tour the overall atmosphere greatly depends on the guide interpreter and, and as a result, the impressions from the walk.

People often look for such specialists via advertising. However, there is no guarantee that you will get what you expect, even language skills might be an unpleasant surprise. The best option is to choose an agency with high ratings and professional skills.

Translation agency Task Force has a wide range of interpreters to offer – for different events as well as guide interpreters for tours around the city. Thanks to our partner,  Drive Force transport company, such tours will not only be interesting, but also very comfortable.

Different historical sights are not located in just one place, but scattered around our capital and in all corners of our country. To make the most of this, we recommend you make use of our combined services offer: during your tour you will enjoy comfortable modern transport, which will deliver you to different sights, and a great atmosphere brought by our qualified guide.

Looking for a guide interpreter in English or another language? Contact us by phone +38 044 290 88 33. We will be happy to answer all your questions and offer the best solution for you.

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