Who do you usually entrust with the translation of texts into Russian and Ukrainian? It may just be the nearest translation agency in your city or country. Has the thought ever occurred to you that translation can be done by people who are native speakers of these languages?  There are philologists in Ukraine who are fluent in both these languages. Moreover, they are also familiar with the features of translations in various fields – legal, economic, agrarian and others. Ukrainian translation agencies can offer much more than that! Do you require specific facts.

1. There are 45 million native speakers of the Ukrainian and Russian languages in Ukraine.

Out of them 85,526 prospective students applied for admission to the specialism of “Philology” in 2018. In 5 years time they will join the ranks of translators who have mastered these two native languages perfectly, and know how to use certain verbal constructions in different walks of life. They accurately convey the right meaning and impart the necessary emotional tone to words when translating  from a foreign language into Russian and Ukrainian.  Where applicable they can easily adapt slogans, mottos, foreign humor, taking into account the features of Slavic culture.

Do you need an excellent translation into Russian or Ukrainian? Then a native speaker is your solution. Nobody will do the translation better than him/her.

2. The cost of services at Ukrainian translation agencies is 4 times less than in European countries and America

The 14.3 million foreigners who visited Ukraine in 2017 have already experienced the quite affordable cost of living, studying and receiving tourism services in our country. This is due to the current exchange rate of the local currency (hryvnia) to the euro (EUR) and the dollar (USD). The prices for translation services in Ukraine are also significantly lower than in equivalent translation agencies abroad. For example, translation from English into Ukrainian/Russian of documents in Ukraine will start from $0.03 per word, while in the US such a service will cost you on average from $0.08 to $0.21. While the quality of the translation will be comparable. Do you want to order a translation at a lower price? Welcome to Ukraine!

3. Translators and editors received their degrees in one of 120 philological higher educational institutions in the country

Ukraine can boast of perfect facilities for training translators and philologists. Popular world languages are studied in many higher educational institutions. At the same time, students who graduated from university get internationally recognised degrees. Professional training is not inferior to foreign criteria of quality. And even after graduation, philologists are ready to improve their language skills. Aside from that, the Task Force translation agency, for example, conducts webinars on a regular basis for our corporate team, at which translators and editors are updated on the peculiarities of working with different kinds of texts.

4. Translation services without territorial boundaries

The borders in this era of modern technologies are blurred, while just a couple of decades ago they made international cooperation impossible. At present we are already serving 20 foreign companies from different countries who need translation services. Personal managers provide a high level of service and receive job orders in English. Time difference? Language barriers? This is not a problem for the Task Force translation agency in Ukraine. Our task is to make sure that the foreign company is satisfied with the quality of the service that it was rendered thousands of kilometers from its office.

5. The customer pays 0% of the commission when using the online payment transfer service

For foreigners, we are ready to offer convenient payment terms for translation services in Ukraine – this is usually an online link whereby a client company can pay by using a corporate card or funds from their bank account. It is convenient for the customer as Task Force pays the commission, while no additional expenditure is incurred by the customer. Naturally, the accounting department provides all the necessary accounts and acts connected to the order. Pay for services quickly and without any additional surcharge and get a ready translation on time.

So, since the rendering of the service of translation is akin to IT services and has great “volatility”, there is absolutely no need for you to come to Ukraine to order a translation and receive quality work. But if some day you decide to come here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful views, friendly people, rich history and unique culture.

Ukraine is a country that is actively seeking to become part of the European community and to provide services that are not inferior in quality to their foreign counterparts. Our experience of cooperation with several dozen foreign companies and their positive feedback testify that we are on the right track.

Do you want to get more information? Contact us on order@taskforce.ua and find out about special business terms and conditions for foreign clients!