Auditors and financial experts are able to appreciate high-quality translations. Auditor’s reports and financial statements, transfer pricing documents, common bank statements, etc. require translators to demonstrate their industry-related skills. To work with them, it is important to know highly-specialized terminology and be attentive to numbers and wording.

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The translation of economic texts involves working with various documents related to economic issues, for example:

  • reports on the company’s activities (financial statements and other financial documents, both local and international);
  • auditor’s opinions;
  • transfer pricing documents;
  • commercial offers;
  • feasibility studies;
  • business plans;
  • documents for banks;
  • documentation related to public procurement;
  • price offers of companies (offers);
  • training materials.

Given the great number of specific terms, an economic translator must not only have a strong command of them, but also understand the translated documents. The team at the Task Force translation agency has financial specialists who advise the translation and proofreading team on matters of Ukrainian and international finance, which makes the quality of our translation higher than that of an ordinary humanist with a translator’s diploma.

To translate financial and economic articles, presentations and other documents, Task Force, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 17100 international translation standard, engages a translator of economic and financial texts who has command of the terminology, a proofreader who checks the correctness of the translation in terms of the meanings, and a proofreader who confirms the correctness of grammar and punctuation. Furthermore, the text is checked by a financial expert who polishes possible bottlenecks and helps with abbreviations

Translation of documents and texts for banks

The service of economic translation is necessary for the opening accounts by individuals and legal entities abroad, at the conclusion of transactions with the participation of banks in various countries, as well as for submission to customs authorities, companies engaged in foreign economic activity. Economic texts are translated in accordance with a non-disclosure agreement regarding such information to anyone in any manner, since all information contained in documents of this kind is confidential.

Special features of translation of economic texts for banks

The translation of documents for a bank is an economic translation, including all its nuances and taking into account some additions. An economic translator must be familiar with the principles of banking activities, know the terminology, be able to correctly convey the meaning of the financial document being translated, have all the available knowledge in this area, that is, he/she must understand financial matters very well.

Bank checks or statements can be translated on the spot, but contracts or documents of offshore companies require careful and thoughtful work. Bank documents often contain many numbers, which can provide some savings on the translation. However, if the document is provided in a form that cannot be formatted (picture, pdf file, scanned copy), desktop publishing operations are required (manual labor of desktop publishing designers to prepare the document for translation), you will not have a chance to save on numbers in this case.

Translation of economic articles

The team of the Task Force translation agency works on the translation of economic articles. The ability to express thoughts in translated material, according to the requirements of journalistic style, and understanding of terminology distinguish our economic translators and proofreaders.

You can often find charts and drawings in economic articles, and recreating them in the translation is not an easy task for a translator. An entire team of desktop publishing designers work with charts, illustrations and drawings at Task Force. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with the economic translation of documents wherever you are.

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