For your convenience, we would like to provide information on order processing procedure at Task Force Translation Agency:

Customer Service of Task Force Translation Agency,, consists of 6 managers accepting orders from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. According to your requests sent by email, one of the available managers will provide information on timing of your order and its cost.

Head of Customer Service is Daria Yakovenko, +380 67 40 40 150, She will gladly help you with complex and non-standard inquiries as well as with urgent projects.

We reply within 30 minutes, in case of complex inquiries – within up to 2 hours.

If the order (inquiry) is received after 5.00 p.m. on a business day or on weekends and public holidays, such order will be processed the next business day. In case of urgent orders sent after 5.00 p.m. or on weekends and public holidays, please, back up your email by calling us. If possible, we will process such orders ASAP.

If so agreed and subject to advance notice: we have a weekend team and are available to work on weekends and overnight.

Phones: +380 44 290 8833, +380 67 404 5306 or mobile phone of the Head of Customer Service, Daria Yakovenko, +380 67 40 40 150.

We would appreciate any comments and corrections to provided translations / other services. As a reminder, we have a terminology specialist in our team who works exclusively on glossaries and “translation memory”. We will update these based on your comments. Moreover, your comments and corrections will be used in regular feedback webinars held for our team of translators and editors.

Any questions about quality of translations/other services provided or work of our Customer Service may be addressed to Svitlana Bilova, Quality Assurance Manager,




1. The cost of translation shall be calculated based on the original file sent by the client.

2. The minimum cost of each individual order shall be UAH 400.00 (four hundred hryvnias 00 kopeks) exclusive of VAT. – files sent within one day shall be included in the order. 

3. When calculating the cost of translation, we apply ratios for topic complexity. At the same, we have a list of standard and specifically agreed documents, to which the complexity ratio is not applied (calculated at a base price).

4. We offer our corporate clients to enter into an agreement (favourable cooperation terms, post-payment, discounts on prices specified in a schedule of prices). We work on a 100% prepayment basis with clients having no corporate contracts with Task Force Translation.

5. When translating from and into the languages with complex spelling or languages in which vowels are not reflected (Korean, Chinese, languages using Arabic alphabet, etc.), characters shall be calculated based on the text in Cyrillic. If translation is made from such language with complex spelling or in which vowels are not reflected (Korean, Chinese, languages using Arabic alphabet, etc.), the final cost of such order shall be known only after the translation is completed and shall be calculated based on the number of pages in the target text.

6. If for the performance of translation the Customer provides the Contractor with materials in *.pdf, *.jpeg, *.tif or other uneditable formats, the Customer shall additionally pay for the text layout/formatting service to ensure that the Contractor prepares the materials for translation to the highest standards.

7. If the Customer orders desktop publishing of a document to be translated and has not notified the Contractor of the existence of comments and desired changes to the translation performed by the Contractor and makes no revisions thereto, but makes revisions to the translation after completion of the desktop publishing by the Contractor, the Customer shall pay for the repeated desktop publishing of the text. Before proceeding with the desktop publishing, the Contractor shall send finished translation to the Customer for approval.

8. Standard translation speed without applying the urgency ratio is up to 7 standard pages per day. Speed of proofreading by an editor is up to 20 standard pages per day.

9. Should the Customer make any additions or changes to the source text, translation completion term shall be extended for the period necessary for the Customer to make such changes. If the Contractor has to make changes to the already completed translation, it shall be paid for by the Customer additionally.

10. If when ordering the translation the Customer has any preferences concerning translation of specific terms, toponyms (place names), proper names, denominations, surnames, etc., it shall provide such information to the Contractor (as well as glossaries, translation memories, previously performed translations, etc., if any) along with the text to be translated, in order to avoid misunderstandings when performing the service. If such preferences were not provided, translation shall be performed at the discretion of a translator and according to standard practice. The Customer may order from the Contractor a service of glossary compilation, which will be further applied when performing translations for the Customer.

11. By confirming the order for fulfillment, the Customer agrees that the following shall not be regarded as substantiated comments on the quality of services and shall not be drawbacks of the service quality:

- –°ustomer’s claims regarding the scope of services, which were not agreed upon by the Parties when agreeing a service order and which the Contractor was not obliged to perform;

- –°ustomer’s claims regarding the ambiguity of interpretation or translation of proper names or denominations, place names, specifics of using terminology, etc., if the Customer failed to provide the Contractor with compiled glossaries and/or translation memory or supporting materials for compiling such glossaries and/or translation memory and/or failed to order a service on compilation thereof by the Contractor;

- Stylistic and synonymous corrections that do not change the sense of translation performed by the Contractor;

- Customer’s corrections and comments on translation performed by the Contractor, which contradict the rules of target languages.

12. Should the Customer cancel its translation order for any reason, it shall pay the Contractor the cost of work already been performed as at the date of receiving such cancellation from the Customer in case of translation. In case of cancelling an order for interpretation or simultaneous interpretation or other services, the Customer shall reimburse the Contractor for all actual and confirmed costs of fulfilling such an order. If an order for interpretation or simultaneous interpretation or other services is cancelled on the same day, the Customer shall pay 100% of the cost of such services.