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Task Force in numbers:
> 800
satisfied clients
> 1000
hours of simultaneous interpretation performed last year
> 360
translators (including freelance specialists)
years in translation business

Features of simultaneous interpretation

  • There are very few highly-skilled specialists in simultaneous interpretation – it is a difficult job requiring a certain mindset and a long training.
  • Simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs and in shifts. As a rule, a continuous work of each of them lasts no more than 30 minutes.
  • Simultaneous interpretation requires certain equipment – it can be installed practically in any premises or even be taken outside the premises (provided that interpreters will have an additional screen showing the premises where the main event is being held).
  • Simultaneous interpretation can be performed into more than one language at a time. Arranging interpretation into each of the languages requires a pair of interpreters and a separate set of equipment.

We also rent equipment for simultaneous translationя

  • a central control unit for simultaneous interpretation
  • headphones
  • 1 wireless microphone (for questions from the audience)
  • 3 table-top microphones
  • table-top desktop booth (European standard) with noise insulation (for interpreters)
  • more microphones
  • screen
  • projector
  • portable equipment for excursions
  • full-size booth (European standard) with noise insulation (for interpreters)
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Vast work experience

Since 2011 our team has been doing not only translations, but also transcription of materials. And not only into the Russian and Ukrainian languages, but also into all foreign languages that you need.

Clear specialization

Our translators and proofreaders have clear specializations.

Confidentiality is respected

We strictly observe the confidentiality of our client’s events and documents. If necessary, we sign a separate NDA.

Presentable interpreters

Our employees who professionally perform interpreting and simultaneous interpreting always look presentable and behave professionaly

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

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