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Transcription of audio materials and manuscripts

If you need to transcribe an audio, a video, or handwritten texts for your personal use or distribution in the future, our team is ready to perform this work for you. 

What do you get as a result of our work?

A text typed in Word, with corrected spelling, punctuation, and style errors.

Some customers ask us to reflect in Word all the sounds and inaccuracies present in the original record. Do you also need this? No problem, we'll do it!

How do we do it?

Our team includes typing specialists (of Russian and Ukrainian texts, as well as texts in foreign languages). Each typed text is proofread by a literary editor to exclude errors and misprints, and to take into account all of the client’s wishes.

Why do we need a transcription of audio? From our experience we know that you may need it to convert into Word:

  •  hours-long interviews
  • court hearings
  • and other events
  • theatrical performance recordings

We have been working with the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory for several years now, and we transcribe interviews for them with people who participated in the Maidan movement in 2014. These materials became the core of a book, and will also form the Maidan Archive and the foundation for historians and documentarians.


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Why is it beneficial to work with us?
Proficiency and experience

Highly skilled designers who worked for international companies and projects.

Vast work experience

Since 2011 our team has been doing not only translations, but also transcription of materials. And not only into the Russian and Ukrainian languages, but also into all foreign languages that you need.

Clear specialization

Our translators and proofreaders have clear specializations.

Fast document delivery

Delivery of documents around Kyiv by couriers, drivers, delivery service.

Payment options

Payments by bank transfer or with a card on the website. Deferred payment for businesses.

Time coding

Sometimes it is very important to insert time codes into the typed text (for example, from video- or audio material), that is, to indicate at what time the phrase is pronounced. This makes subsequent work with materials a lot easier for technical specialists. We always insert time codes if you need them.

Transcription from a foreign language is cheaper than translation

Transcription from a foreign language is almost half the price of translation.

We work with native speakers

Our team includes native speakers on many languages

Confidentiality is respected

We strictly observe the confidentiality of our client’s events and documents. If necessary, we sign a separate NDA.

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

We keep track of industry novelties

To acquire new knowledge, our translators and project managers regularly attend topical seminars, conferences and webinars.

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