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We work with video a great deal, especially at the post-production stage. This means we work with your existing video file:

  • a prepared script with time coding
  • translation of script
  • captioning
  • null


You are welcome if you have:

  • A corporate film from the head office which needs to be adapted to the local market
  • Training/educational videos that need to be created and (or) translated and voiced over
  • Videopresentations for foreign markets which are to be demonstrated in foreign languages

How do we do it?

Your video will be worked on by:

  • Professional transcribers (they “hear out” the text, convert it into Word, insert time codes)
  • Translators (they translate the script if necessary)
  • Technical specialists (add captions to the video, overlay another audio)
  • Actors and professional announcers, including native speakers (they dub the video in another language if necessary)


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Why is it beneficial to work with us?
Clear specialization

Our translators and proofreaders have clear specializations.


Voiceover not only the voices of men and women, but also with children's voices of various ages!

Payment options

Payments by bank transfer or with a card on the website. Deferred payment for businesses.

Professional announcers and translators

Our team consists not only of professional translators who are capable of performing a high-quality translation of a script, but also of professional announcers (including native speakers) who will professionally voice over your material.

Professional marketing specialists

When translating a script, you often need marketing expertise – it’s like translating a marketing or literary text. Our translators who are marketing specialists will handle this task perfectly.

Three-level quality control

Written translations are performed by translator, proofreader and corrector. If your document cannot be edited, then our DTP specialist joins the project team.

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

Vast work experience

Since 2011 our team has been doing not only translations, but also transcription of materials. And not only into the Russian and Ukrainian languages, but also into all foreign languages that you need.

Working with various types of data storage devices

Design and desktop publishing of information materials, from booklets and leaflets to multipage catalogues, books (including FB2, ePub, mobi), billboards and citylights.

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