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Task Force in numbers:
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Consecutive interpreting- is a type of interpretation when the interpreter voices the translation after the speaker pauses in his speech.

Mutual understanding will be achieved without using costly equipment for simultaneous interpretation. In addition, if public speaking is expected, our specialists have stage experience and sound great!

You need consecutive interpretation if you:

  • negotiations (including telephone negotiations and conference calls)
  • presentations, seminars, webinars
  • official events and corporate parties
  • ceremonial receptions
  • with the participation of foreign guests, speakers

And also if you: 

  • are negotiating the purchase of real estate or participatory interest abroad (or foreigners doing the same in Ukraine)
  • go abroad for shopping

then you will also need consecutive interpretation!

Task Force interpreters:

  • always look presentable and have a trained voice;
  • interpret competently and clearly;
  • are familiar with the specific topic of the meeting/event;
  • thoroughly prepare in advance using materials that have been provided
  •  do not have speech defects;
  • know business etiquette and respect the chain of command.

For consecutive interpretation we provide special equipment (lavalier microphone, equipment for excursions, microphones).

Our interpreters-guides conduct excursions in foreign languages both in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

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Why is it beneficial to work with us?

We offer various equipment (microphones, projectors, screens, special portable equipment for interpreting during excursions).

Meeting with a speaker

Before the event, we will gladly arrange a meeting between our interpreter and your speaker (to clarify nuances of the topic).

Preliminary preparation

Interpreters prepare themselves for the event – both using your materials and publicly available information.

Clear specialization

Our translators and proofreaders have clear specializations.

Confidentiality is respected

We strictly observe the confidentiality of our client’s events and documents. If necessary, we sign a separate NDA.

Presentable interpreters

Our employees who professionally perform interpreting and simultaneous interpreting always look presentable and behave professionaly

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

We keep track of industry novelties

To acquire new knowledge, our translators and project managers regularly attend topical seminars, conferences and webinars.

We work with native speakers

Our team includes native speakers on many languages

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