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Translation of your website:

Your website is available only in one language? Today it's not enough any more!

For your business to develop in Ukraine, a website should operate in several languages, and at least in Ukrainian.

In October 2018, MPs of the Verkhovna Rada voted in the first reading for Draft Law No. 5670-д "On Ensuring the Functioning of Ukrainian as an Official Language." According to this Draft Law, online presence platforms (including websites, pages on social media, etc.) must be available in official language. A Ukrainian version is to load by default.

Are you planning to present your goods and services in other countries than Ukraine and in other languages?

With the Task Force team, it is easily achieved! Order from us a translation of your website into English or any other language and get an efficient tool for attracting potential foreign clients.

Who will be interested in our cooperation proposal?

  • Online business with no Ukrainian version of their website
  • Marketing departments of Ukrainian businesses seeking to export their goods/services
  • Marketing departments of foreign companies planning to work in Ukraine
  • Web studios providing multilingual website development services
  • Private web developers


 The main reason for ordering translation of a website into Ukrainian or any other language from Task Force is that we use special tools and automation of the main processes, which greatly simplifies work and contributes to its quality.

Why is it worth placing an order for a website's translation with us?

  • We will calculate the cost of your website translation quickly and completely automatically (including hidden text, pictures and buttons) - CALCULATION IS FREE!
  • We will provide proofreading by a native speaker of the language into which the website is translated
  • We will provide proofreading by a marketing specialist who will amend key messages (this service is offered only for the English, Ukrainian and Russian languages)
  • We will translate slogans and mottos
  • We will translate and restore all infographics
  • We will insert SEO keywords in the translated texts correctly and perform SEO-optimization
  • We have a proven track record in translating websites, both small landing pages and big online platforms of large companies:
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Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs?)

We will compile and agree with you a glossary of the main terms, names of legal entities, surnames and other information that must be stated on the website clearly and in accordance with your wishes

This is usually relevant for large online stores with thousands and thousands of flypages. We track repeated information automatically. Depending on the volume, we offer discounts for repetition.».

In some fields we offer Services Copywriting for websites. Find out more by writing to our e-mail order@taskforce.ua or by calling us +38 044 290 88 33


By using special software developed by geniuses of localization and our partners GETLOC we are able to: 


  • Automatically retrieve content from the website and, as and when the translation is ready, to upload it back preserving all the formatting
  • Replace images with their localized (translated) versions
  • Track content updates with automatic notification and send them automatically for translation (this may be relevant if your content is regularly updated)
  • Customize the language selection widget

Support of the translated version of the website on GETLOC means that translation is hosted on the company's servers, you don’t need to additionally create and fill the admin panel with the translated version of the website on your own.

Why is it beneficial to work with us?
Impeccable grammatical correctness

In addition to the copywriter, grammatical correctness of the final text is checked by a proofreader, which eliminates errors and typos.

Improving the text

There is always room for improvement. The text will be improved until you like it.

Payment options

Payments by bank transfer or with a card on the website. Deferred payment for businesses.

Professional copywriters

Our specialists constantly monitor novelties in copywriting, raise their levels of knowledge.

Professional marketing specialists

When translating a script, you often need marketing expertise – it’s like translating a marketing or literary text. Our translators who are marketing specialists will handle this task perfectly.

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

We guarantee quality and timely translation

We won’t let you down, we won’t disappear anywhere, and we won’t stop answering calls. Everything will be done on time.

We work with native speakers

Our team includes native speakers on many languages

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