If your document cannot be formatted, but you need to get it translated, you will probably come across the phrase “desktop publishing”. The desktop publishing designers at Task Force will first do the document recognition procedure and, once the translation is ready, arrange your document according to the original format. Of course, you can order a full cycle of working with your document at Task Force – we can even recreate printed bank statements and documents from a photo.

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Desktop publishing and design tasks are performed by the desktop publishing department at the head office of the Task Force translation agency.

You are sure to need desktop publishing of your documents if your document is notarized. Official documents are issued by state authorities on pre-printed forms, and most often it is their scanned copies or photos that are submitted for translation. Thus, before translation, our desktop publishing specialists recognize the document, check the key points (dates, numbers, number of lines) against the original, and then transfer it for translation.

If you need a translation of a brochure, booklet or report and you need the formatting to be preserved and additional desktop publishing services, the Task Force team will translate it into the target language and format the translated document according to the original. If you provide your design layout for desktop publishing of a brochure, we will arrange the translation directly into it. If there is no layout design, we recreate its appearance in graphic programs and then arrange the translation in it.

Presentations with complex formatting also very often require the help of a desktop publishing specialist as translators often do not like or do not know how to work in graphic programs. Formatting blocks in Power Point will take them as much time as the translation itself.

Let’s talk in more detail about scanned documents with a large number of tables and numbers (e.g., a bank statement). Many customers believe that when there are numbers in a document it is easier to work with it since numbers do need to be translated and, therefore, the cost and time of work with such a document can be less. This is true, but scanned documents of this kind are the exception. To ensure a correct translation, it is necessary first to recognize them, then manually check all the numbers, place tables, plates and other formatting in their places, and only then to translate those few words that, in fact, usually need to be translated in the bank statement. It is because of the scrupulous manual checking of each number in such a document after the recognition that the work on the document can take quite a lot of time.

Does translation always require desktop publishing and design services?

Translation and desktop publishing are often related, but not in every case. As mentioned above, desktop publishing is needed for translation only if your document cannot be formatted. Desktop publishing and design services are also quite independent. Do you need computer design, desktop publishing and pre-press preparation for your marketing materials and books? Our team of desktop publishing designers can do this. We also prepare electronic versions of books (epub, fb2, mobi), restore the design of customer materials (e.g., from scanned brochures), and create and recreate flowcharts, drawings (including in AutoCAD) and charts. Thus, we perform desktop publishing services without translation. That is, we perform desktop publishing of catalogs and other printed products.

The cost of the desktop publishing service is usually calculated based on visual pages (the standard calculation is based on the A4 format, other formats will be calculated proportionally). The managers of Task Force will calculate the price for you of the desktop publishing service for a booklet consisting of, for example, 15 pages based on the desktop publishing complexity and the number of visual pages of your material.

What do desktop publishing and design include?

If you have ordered a translation with our translation agency, our desktop publishing team perform a number of operations before they start work:

  • recognize the document;
  • adjust formatting according to the original document (whether all paragraphs and parts of the text are in their places);
  • check whether all the figures are in their places and whether all of them are correct;
  • check whether all graphic elements are in place (seals, marks, signatures). When translating documents for subsequent notarization, the translator will describe the seals in words, leaving no images (unless you instruct us otherwise).

Placing regular text block in one column, setting standard margins, simple headers and footers, section titles, page numbers, simple formatting (underlining, highlighting paragraph with colour of the base, etc.) are included in the cost of translation.

If you have a task involving working with documents that cannot be formatted or engaging a desktop publishing designer, please contact the Task Force translation agency and we will be happy to give you advice and provide comprehensive services.

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