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Fast notarization of your documents


Translation and notarization are necessary in order for the document to be accepted in Ukraine:

  • Marriage Certificate;
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Quality Certificate;
  • Power of Attorney, etc ...

Translation and notarization are necessary for subsequent affixing of apostille or legalization of the document so that it can be accepted outside Ukraine. For example, this applies to the following documents issued in Ukraine:

  • high school graduation certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • police clearance certificate
  • birth certificate, death certificate
  • notarial permission for a child to go abroad
  • diploma issued by a Ukrainian university

Most likely, you won’t need a translation.

Notarization and notarial copies will be necessary for filing with the official authorities (for example, banks).

We will gladly help you with this!

Get a consultation from Customer Service Dept Task Force:

Olga Golodnenko

Olga Golodnenko
Customer service manager, Head of notarization, apostille, and legalization function
+38 (044) 290 88 33, +38 (067) 242 24 98

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About the service:

What we offer:

  • Notarization of translation (sewed to original document)
  • Notarization of the translation (sewed to the copy)
  • Notarization of translation with simultaneous notarization of copy of the document (the attached document will bear the notary stamp COPY)
  • Notarized translation on notarial letterhead
  • Visit by notary to your office (our partner notaries are located in different districts of Kyiv city)
  • Certification of translation with the stamp of the Task Force Translation Agency
  • Free collection and delivery of documents for notarization* (conditions apply)
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  • Original or copy of the document
  • Translation sewn to it with thread
  • Notarial inscription on back of document
  • Number in the notarial register
  • Notary’s seal and signature
  • Sealing sticker on sewing
  • Original document needs to be presented
  • Pages are sealed and signed
  • Signature of authorized person
  • Seal/stamp of organisation
  • Apostille or legalisation stamps (for documents issued outside Ukraine)
  • Important! In the absence of any of the above elements, the notary may refuse to certify the document.


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Irrespective of what kind of document you need to translate, be it a diploma or anything else, we will perform the translation professionally. If needed, we will also notarize / certify translation not only into / from English, but also into / from any other language.

Why is it beneficial to work with us?
We retain the original look of your document

Our designers retain the formatting "as in the original document" and are ready to recreate your document "from scratch" if needed.


We offer various equipment (microphones, projectors, screens, special portable equipment for interpreting during excursions).

Improving the text

There is always room for improvement. The text will be improved until you like it.

Payment options

Payments by bank transfer or with a card on the website. Deferred payment for businesses.

Three-level quality control

Written translations are performed by translator, proofreader and corrector. If your document cannot be edited, then our DTP specialist joins the project team.

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

We notarize / certify translations to and from rare languages

Our translators have corresponding professional diplomas, and our partner notaries certify translations even to and from rare languages.

We save your time

Your participation in legalization and apostille procedures is minimal (in case of legalization, we will need a power of attorney from you to represent your interests).

Clear specialization

Our translators and proofreaders have clear specializations.

Confidentiality is respected

We strictly observe the confidentiality of our client’s events and documents. If necessary, we sign a separate NDA.

Fast document delivery

Delivery of documents around Kyiv by couriers, drivers, delivery service.

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