Some translations require notarization for official use in Ukraine. Our 10+ notaries, a large team of translators, and 2 delivery men are at your service for fast notarization of translations in Kyiv. Thanks to our partnerships with delivery services, we can deliver certified documents to other cities, as well as abroad.

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Is it worth trying to translate documents into a foreign language on your own, even if you know it well? Definitely, but not in all cases. If you have a document with complex formatting or it is being prepared for further certification, then the Task Force translation agency will be delighted to provide written translation of documents with the subsequent organization of certification in Kyiv and send the ready document within Ukraine or abroad.

A professional team of managers, who are also available on weekends, will not only ensure top-level quality, but also help organize urgent translation of documents with certification in Kyiv.

Types of documents

We receive the most frequent inquiries from pharmaceuticals, law firms and departments, as well as other areas of business regarding translation of the following documents:

  • powers of attorney;
  • charters;
  • licenses;
  • GMP-certificates;
  • agreements, extracts from the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDROU)
  • certificates of employment;
  • registration certificates and annexes to them and other documents.

When ordering the translation of documents, the Task Force manager will always clarify a number of questions about the application of the appropriate type of translation, the need to involve a native speaker, how the prices for the translation of documents are formed, as well as advice on subsequent organization of certification if required.

We work a lot not only with translations of standard and template documents, but also with complex written translation: legal, pharmaceutical, medical and other industry areas, so our team includes experts with a narrow specialization and specialist education.

Notarized translation

A “notarized translation” and “notary translation” are two different things. In the first case, the translator performs the translation, and the notary certifies his or her signature. In the second, the notary performs the translation, places it on the notary’s letterhead, and indicates himself or herself instead of the translator. The second option is possible only if the notary knows the target language and has a degree in translation. Moreover, notarial translation in Kyiv is much more expensive than a notarized translation.

Let’s figure out what a notarized translation is. The notary, not knowing the language of the translation, cannot check the translation itself and its compliance with the original, and this is not his or her task. He or she certifies the fact that the translation of the desired language was done by a professional translator, in confirmation of which the translator must personally appear at the notary, present a diploma on his or her degree in translation and sign the translated document. Obviously, not all users who search “notarized translation of documents Kyiv” on Google, want to get a notarized translation in a special form, but they may simply not be aware of this small nuance.

Which documents require notarized translation in Ukraine?

If the document was issued abroad, but you plan to use it in Ukraine (for example, a power of attorney), it must be translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary. Please note that in 90% of cases the document must first be legalized in the country of issue. If you plan to use Ukrainian documents abroad, then you will need a legalization or apostille service.

If the document was actually issued in Ukrainian and is planned for usage in Ukraine, then its translation, especially certified translation (notarized), will not be required. However, to submit a document to various government institutions and other authorities, notarized copies of the document may be required. A special team of the Task Force notarial translation agency is ready to help with this as 3 special managers and 2 delivery men work in the department of notarization and legalization, which enables the quick processing of all requests, implementation of projects of certification and legalization of documents, as well as the prompt delivery of documents in Kyiv (by delivery men), across Ukraine and into foreign countries (delivery services).

Can I notarize a translation myself?

To notarize the translation without the involvement of a translation agency, you will need a translator’s diploma in the required language. And you also need to have time to come to the notary and perform all the actions related to the certification of the translation. Moreover, not all notaries deal with notarization of documents or notarial translation, and this can lead to confusion and loss of time or higher cost of notary services. The team at the Task Force translation agency will help you organize the translation and notarization of documents promptly, efficiently and within a sensible  price range.

Certification with the company seal

In some cases, there is no need to notarize the translation, it is enough to certify the translation with the seal of the translation agency. It is better to clarify what kind of assurance your receiving party will require in advance. This process is faster and its cost is lower than that of notarization. Such a document will be stitched and certified in a similar way, and it will be signed by the translator, which is certified not by a notary, but by a translation agency.

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