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The procedure of ensuring that original documents are genuine, attesting the authenticity of signatures of officials authorized to certify the signatures on documents, as well as the validity of impressions of stamps, seals, which this document is attached with. Legalization of foreign documents pursuant to the established procedure provides them with the right to exist in the international document circulation.

Some countries require double legalization instead of the usual legalization. These include the United Arab Emirates, China (Shanghai), Singapore, Yemen. In this case, you need to understand that the whole procedure can take up to 1-2 months, which means that you must submit documents in advance.

A simplified form of legalization, which can be affixed for the countries parties to the Hague Convention. It has the same structure (in the form of a square 10-point stamp, entitled Apostille) for all countries parties to the Convention and is stamped in the relevant ministries, bypassing the consulates.

Apostille is placed on official documents for countries that are parties to the Hague Convention, abolishing the requirement for the legalization of foreign official documents, signed on October 5, 1961. In the rest of cases consular legalization takes place.

View the list of countries, parties to the Hague Convention

Some countries that signed the Hague Convention require double apostille on documents. The list of such countries (they are highlighted in red) can be viewed here.

The first apostille certifies the authenticity of the Ukrainian document, and the second apostille verifies that the document was certified by an acting and authorized notary. This requirement applies to all documents intended to be submitted to any of the countries listed above.

  • certificates issued by the Civil Registration Offices (for example, certificates of marriage, of divorce, of birth, etc.)
  • documents executed by notaries
  • court decisions with wet seals and signature of a judge
  • certificates (e.g. certificate of criminal record)
  • registration documents of companies and organizations (for example, charter, verified by a notary)
  • formal qualifications and academic transcripts to them
  • certificates of conferring academic degrees
  • graduation certificate, various certificates from educational institutions
  • curricula
  • military service record books
  • employment record books
  • authorisations to possess weapons
  • certificates of registration of vehicles (technical certificates)
  • regulatory legal acts
  • explanations and legal opinions on their application
  • documents of correspondence nature
  • bank statements and receipts
  • administrative documents having a direct bearing on commercial or customs operations

It is the process of validation of foreign university degrees as equal with native on the territory of Ukraine. Most often it is required in case you intend to work in the state bodies of Ukraine or continue studying in educational institutions of Ukraine, while the document on education is issued in another country. Less often it is required to confirm to a private employer in Ukraine the knowledge and skills obtained abroad.

All types of educational documents that shall be legally effective on the territory of the country.

  • documents of citizens of the former Soviet Union, which were received before May 15, 1992
  • documents issued by educational institutions which are not registered as objects of educational services
  • certificates issued by educational institutions which are not accredited in the country of their issuance
  • papers, containing no information on validation and certification of the owner's academic or vocational competences

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About the service:
  Apostille Legalization Nostrification
Affixed by

Apostille in Ukraine is stamped by three state authorities:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (MFA)
  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Legalization is a complex two-way procedure. If the documents are issued in Ukraine and you prepare them for use in another country, then they undergo the following procedure:

  • Task Force translation agency
  • notary in Ukraine
  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
  • Embassy of the country where you are going to file documents
  • Task Force translation agency

  It is effectuated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Stages of nostrification procedure in Ukraine:

  • preparation of documents for submission to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • comparative analysis of the information submitted and obtaining a conclusion
  • issuance of a certificate
How long does the procedure take

From 5* business days — depending on the document and ministry

From 14 ** business days — depending on the document and the embassy

 35–40 business days — depending on the document

* In case of double apostille, the stamp is first placed on the original of the Ukrainian document, then it is translated into the official language of the country where you intend to submit the document, and then the second stamp is placed on a notarized translation. Length of the whole procedure of apostillization in case of double apostille increases for up to 10–15 days.

** In case of double legalization, the Ministry of Justice and the MFA affix the stamps on the original document, then the document is translated and notarized, and then the Ministry of Justice, the MFA and the embassy affix their stamps again. Length of the whole procedure of legalization in case of double legalization increases for up to 1–2 months.

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For legalization we may additionally need:

  • Notarized power of attorney for Task Force employees
  • Letters of assist from the company
  • Other accompanying documents (for example, originals of constituent documents in certain cases)


Answers to FAQ:

No. Apostille is affixed immediately in the country of issue. While the legalization may be effectuated in Ukraine. But it will cost more, take more time, and this pattern of work is not acceptable in all the embassies.

In this case, the legalization of documents takes place in the state bodies of the country where the document was issued, because the state bodies of Ukraine refuse to accept such documents.

To begin with, the document must be obtained repeatedly, which does not cause special difficulties. Problems arise if the document is issued after the onset of hostilities in the anti-terrorist operation zone in April 2014 (since April 30, 2018 – the zone of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO). The solution to the problem options: getting a refusal from the Department of Vital Records Office in the issuance of the document and after that – requesting it through the court.

Unfortunately, not. The Ministry of Justice does not accept documents of the old type. You should repeatedly obtain the document from any Department of Vital Records Office. The bearer should file an application at the Vital Records Office. The reissued document may be collected in a few days. Such reissued document will be of a new type which allows to put apostille on it. Task Force employees can get a certificate for you. To do this, a notarized power of attorney shall be obtained for our employees.

Why is it beneficial to work with us?
Computer assisted translation systems (CATs) in action

We use CAT Tools. We ensure consistency of terminology and our systems "remember" your requirements to the previously performed translations.

Preliminary preparation

Interpreters prepare themselves for the event – both using your materials and publicly available information.

Service "on a turnkey basis"

Not only do we affix apostille and legalize documents, but we also organize their high-quality and fast translation into the language you need and their notarization.

We answer questions honestly

If the legalization or affixing of apostille takes a long time, we'll tell you this immediately.

We bear responsibility for the safety of your documents

Filing of documents to all public bodies is performed by our staff courier (receives and hands them over to you against your signature).

We provide free consultation

Our managers are always ready to advise you on how to better certify your document and in what public body, depending on your objectives.

We save your time

Your participation in legalization and apostille procedures is minimal (in case of legalization, we will need a power of attorney from you to represent your interests).

Wide range of services

From written translation and interpretation to copywriting articles and working with videos (post-production)

Confidentiality is respected

We strictly observe the confidentiality of our client’s events and documents. If necessary, we sign a separate NDA.

Fast document delivery

Delivery of documents around Kyiv by couriers, drivers, delivery service.

Three-level quality control

Written translations are performed by translator, proofreader and corrector. If your document cannot be edited, then our DTP specialist joins the project team.

Ukrainian and international experience

We have experience of working in the Ukrainian and international markets.

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